fire risk assessment

SPL Fire Safety will deliver a fast, cost effective, high quality Fire Risk Assessment to fulfil the needs of your business whilst complying with legislative requirements.

The Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out by a competent person – and the Fire Safety Order clearly states that there are two means by which competent persons might be identified.

They must have:

  • Sufficient training and experience and
  • Alternatively they must possess knowledge and other qualities, which will in both cases, enable them to properly carry out the task at hand.

A written fire risk assessment is a legal requirement if you

  • Employ 5 or more people
  • Have a license to operate from the local authority or from OFSTED, CQC etc

SPL Fire Safety will ensure you and your premises are safe and compliant for you, your staff. 

SPL Fire Safety have achieved BAFE SP205 accreditation for all of their life safety fire risk assessments. This means that they have reached an extremely high level of competence in assessing and auditing premises. Every report is audited by our dedicated team, ensuring it is correct and specific for your premises. 

aftercare service

SPL Fire Safety is a national company, providing a quality service through our experienced and qualified Fire Risk Assessors. To provide additional peace of mind we will include in our service a FIRE CONSULTANCY AFTERCARE SERVICE that includes:

  • 12 months free mediation with the local Fire Safety Officer regarding any aspects of your Fire Risk Assessment.
  • 12 months free mediation with other enforcing authorities HSE, OFSTED, Care Standards on any issue relating to your Fire Risk Assessment.

This service will be provided by telephone support. Should any further visits to your premises be required then an additional charge will be made.